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How to Clean Your Pentair Cartridge Filter

In this video, one of our technicians at Van Dorn Pools \u0026 Spas walks us through how to clean your Pentair Cartridge Filter.

About Van Dorn Pools and Spas: Van Dorn Pools has come a long way since 1954; starting as a single pool retail store and growing into 3 pool service, builder, retail locations. The family owned and operated business has employed throughout the years siblings, cousins and spouses of the entire Stafford family.\r
With three retail locations in Baltimore County and Harford County, Maryland and York County, Pennsylvania, we offer a range of products including Doughboy Pools, Radiant Pools, and Jacuzzi, Nordic hot tubs and Sustain Chemicals. Van Dorn does everything with the attention to detail and commitment to customer service you would expect from a family business.\r
For all of your pool and spa needs, give us a call us at 1-800-Van Swim (show on screen 826-7946) or stop by your local Van Dorn Pools and Spas to experience the Van Dorn difference.\r
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B Drew : For beginners after turning the pump back on and waiting a few seconds close the pressure valve
leslie salcedo : what will happen if you don’t put the 2 plugs on before removing the filter? i haven’t been doing that :/
J DiGeorgio : I always take the center plastic core out and hose down the media from the inside as well. It’s usually filthy on the inside too. How did you skip that step here?

Cartridge Filter Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting


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Here is an overview of a swimming pool cartridge filter. I go over the filter sq ft, flow rate, cleaning the filter, green pool and when to replace the cartridges.

Basically the main takeaway here is to install a large cartridge filter. The bigger the better. I like the Giant Sta-Rite System 3 or the Pentir 520 sq ft filters the best.

Some products that you see featured in this video:
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Aqua Comb Cleaning Tool for Pool and Spa Filters – Review:

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Who Makes the Best Pool Filter Cartridges? Part Two of Two:

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Here is a complete Cartridge Filter Playlist for you:

Cartridge Filter Cleaning \u0026 Tips:

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Rachael Hunt : how do you repair PENTin 320, mine is leaking at the bottom?
Sam Khal : I soaked my StaRite 3 cartridge filter in muriatic acid 7:1 ratio for 6 hours then water washed it using a garden hose. The filter became snow white and super clean. Filters pallets look okay. I do not know the filter age but expect to be at least 4years. The filter PSI after cleaning is 17. One day after cleaning PSI went back up to 23 PSI, same pressure before I did this whole thing. What do you think the problem? I usually clean the filter (just water cleaning) every 4 months and each time the pressure goes back to 17 PSI and stays there until the next wash cycle. Recently the pressure is stuck to 23 PSI and this is why I decided to try muriatic acid wash for the first time and it did bring pressure down for one day but it is now high again. The pool water look a bit murky (not too bad) but there is some very thin yellow algea in some corner of the pool. I do not think it is the yellow algea that is clogging the filter because I vaccumed the pool before the muriatic acid clean exercise. HELP
7 Berry's : I am opening a pool that has not been use in 2 years. Extremely green. I am on day 5 and cleaning filters twice a day. Good flow only last a few hours. Filters look like they are good condition. Any ideas on why they require so much cleaning?
DENNIS BONIFACIO : hi sir, can I query you please?
what is your expert recommendation as to what size of an aboveground cartridge filter will I buy for our feee form pool, size is about 34 x 21 feet, more than 25000 gallons.
Is it better if I buy more than 50 square feet, like a 75 square or 100 square feet cartridge filter? thanks for replying soon.
Andrew Gaffka : Great video!
Are you still using the aqua comb or have you found something better/newer?
Also is there any other tips you have on cleaning the cartridges themselves? I just bought a cartridge bath for soaking but didn’t know if that’s necessary? If so what soaking chems/techniques do you use?
Lastly my pool store says I need to clean the cartridge 2-4 times a month during swim season and monthly during off season. I thought this seemed quite excessive for a screened in pool. What frequency do you suggest?
Thanks again for all the great tips and videos!

How to clean your Jandy cartridge filter

Melissa Lee : Great video. Do you have to close the returns, main drain and skimmer valves first?
Stephen Bartlett : I see the comments that the drain cap has to be put back on. I am confused about the air relief valve. I thought it was opened at the beginning of draining the water out of the filter but was it then closed? Once the air is bleed out of the filter do you close it? I do not think this is mentioned? This is a "newbe" question but how come the water fills the tank in the video before he has turned on the equipment? Thanks for any help on these questions
Garrett : Great video!
D. Stiefel : Is this a CL580? Do I need to close any valves or anything to prevent any additional water flow or simply just make sure the power to my filter is off and then pull the drain plug?
Greg Adams : See, we were all paying attention. :)




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